Black History Month

Focusing On The Future

Please enjoy & share this post “Honouring Black History Month”. On this, the final installment of our 4 part, weekly Black History Month Series, we’ve included two videos designed to trigger thought. As a child growing up I never liked school for many reasons but I loved true education and being intellectually challenged. I believe these two videos express my personal feelings regarding...Read More 

Black Gold

Please enjoy & share this post “Honouring Black History Month”. In honouring Black History Month, let us never forget we stand on the foundations of those who came before us. The sacrifices of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and ancestors made, is the reason we have a voice that can be heard and opportunities that can be reached today. We owe them the respect of carrying on...Read More 

Honouring Black History Month with “Being Black In Canada” & “Travis Nelson”

Please enjoy & share this post “Honouring Black History Month”. I truly believe the “multicultural” Millenials will be the generation to be actively involved in the fight for the Black Lives Matter movement, progress towards fairness and the fight for equality of all people which will effectively create change for future generations. CBC News: Being Black In Canada Travis...Read More 

Bill Clinton on Martin Luther King Jr.

Black History Month Day 24, God Bless Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his non-violent approach towards change. It takes more strength to exercise non-violence than it does to lash out with aggression. Let us all continue to promote change and equality in a peaceful manner as we honour Dr. King’s vision.   Enjoy the video and please share… Thank you!!! Much Love, DJ Alibaba Read More 