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Please enjoy & share this post “Honouring Black History Month”.

On this, the final installment of our 4 part, weekly Black History Month Series, we’ve included two videos designed to trigger thought. As a child growing up I never liked school for many reasons but I loved true education and being intellectually challenged. I believe these two videos express my personal feelings regarding our educational system and the type of history we are taught. Our previous Black History blog posts (below) have been primarily focused on the past, but today we are choosing to end Black History Month focusing on the future.

As stated in our previous post, I truly believe the millennial’s & young people will be the change we want to see as they bring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream to life. They have the tools of modern technology, open access to information, awareness & respect for multiculturalism and the desire for equal opportunities. I believe the young people of today will be socially & politically active, eventually fulfilling positions of power with the abilities to bring about social change and constitutional reform.

Enjoy the videos below:



Let us all never forget we are one people living in one world as Friends United Beyond All Race.

In the words of Bob Marley, “One Love”… Celebrating Black History Month.

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