DJ Alibaba Vancouver

recordPart of the reason I love music so much is because I truly feel music is the bridge that connects ALL people as one.

Music is it’s own language and transcends race, culture, dialect by incorporating beats, rhythms & harmony.

I truly don’t know what I would do without music it’s been such a vital part of my life and no matter what style of music is playing I can’t help but be moved by the sound of it.

As a DJ the most rewarding feeling one can get is playing a song that triggers happy feelings for people who are listening. It’s so influential it can change ones mood for better or worse in an instant, hopefully in my case for the better otherwise I get fired (lol).

Check out my blog on the first Monday of every month, I hope you enjoy and engage in the conversations.

Thank you for checking out my new website.

DJ Alibaba - VanCity Pose Small Revised

Much Love,

DJ Alibaba

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